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5 Kitchen Styles to Use With Stainless Steel Countertops

Stainless Steel Countertops
Granite and quartz may look posh, but stainless steel countertops offer an almost endless array of kitchen design possibilities. Along with the undeniable aesthetics of this simple, but standout, material, stainless steel comes with multiple benefits. From stainless steel's ability to withstand burns and rust to its stain resistance, this kitchen construction material is well worth the home renovator's consideration.
If you're thinking about stainless steel as your countertop material of choice, you need to pick the right kitchen design. Take a look at some of the most popular design options that incorporate this versatile countertop material.
1. Commercial Kitchen
What type of kitchen do you think about when you see stainless steel? Commercial restaurant kitchens are known for their extensive use of stainless steel. The easy to clean, heat-restaurant surface makes the perfect material for this type of high-volume kitchen.
You can create your own mini version of a commercial kitchen by creating a monochromatic steel look. Along with the stainless countertops, add steel to the backsplash area and cabinet doors. Include stainless appliances and a matching range hood to complete the look.
2. Contemporary Cool
Along with having a commercial feel, stainless steel also tends to be on the contemporary or modern end of design.
Combine stainless steel countertops with concrete (floors or complimentary countertops) and glass to create an industrial modern design scheme. Avoid bright colors or anything that's too bold. Instead, stick with sleek silvers and neutral shades of grey.
A square angular edge to your countertop with a brushed metal finish can add to the contemporary cool look in your modern kitchen.
3. Noticeably Neutral
The kitchen isn't all hustle and bustle. Create a tranquil respite where you can relax, cook and spend time with family and friends. Use a neutral color palette, and incorporate the stainless steel countertops by choosing a soft, polished texture that you match to your appliances.
Compliment the countertop with a light-colored wood on the cabinet doors and the kitchen floor. Keep the neutral theme going with a glass tile backsplash, choosing a neutral grey, moss or taupe hue.
4. Rich Retro
Steel countertops are reminiscent of a time gone by, giving some kitchens the look of a 1950s soda fountain. A retro theme can start with stainless countertops and continue into the overall color scheme. Instead of neutrals or monochromatic silvers and greys, add a pop of color with bright walls and equally bold cabinets.
Extend the stainless countertops from the kitchen work area into a seating space. Creating a stainless steel bar (like the seating counter of an old-school soda fountain) is a creative way to use this material in a retro way - especially if you compliment the eating area with cute stools.
5. Clean and Classic
A bright white or white and glass kitchen provides a clean, fresh look to any home. If you're looking for a sleek style that's classic, elegant and inviting, this option is an easy way. Pair a mirror or highly polished stainless finish with high-shine white cabinetry. Instead of wooden cabinets, opt for a man-made material, glass, or something similar.
The high shine of a stainless countertop will reflect the white color scheme, brightening the kitchen and creating a completely clean feel. Keep the kitchen classic with simple accents. Avoid overly ornate door pulls or backsplash details. The same goes for the fixtures. A drop sink that fits into the countertop itself and silver faucets will add to the clean lines of your kitchen.
Do you need a new stainless steel countertop for your kitchen remodeling project? Contact Timmons Sheet Metal Inc. for more information and to order your countertops.