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5 Ways to Complement Your Stainless Steel Countertops

Kitchen With Stainless Countertop
Stainless steel countertops are considered a high-end installation that give your kitchen a chic ambiance. Therefore, as you plan your kitchen remodel, you'll want to keep in mind ways to complement your countertops. These complements can come in the cabinet paint, fixture, and backsplash choices you make.
1. Acrylic Cabinet Paint
Acrylic paint gives a smooth, high-gloss finish to your cabinets. Because of the nature of the finish, acrylic painted cabinets feature a modern appeal. Stainless steel, being a manufactured material, also lends itself to the modern style. So, from the outset, these two materials complement each other, especially because the shine of an acrylic finish enhances the sheen of stainless steel.
The paint comes in a wide range of colors. Many homeowners opt for bold colors, such as red or burnt orange, to further enhance the boldness of the finish. If you want a particularly sophisticated effect, consider black as a counter to the light gray of the steel. Conversely, white will create a monochromatic effect, which is also chic.
2. Minimalist Drawer Pulls
In that vein, you'll probably want to keep up the modern aesthetic in the drawer pulls and other cabinet fixtures. Simple knobs are a good choice. Look for smaller varieties so they don't draw attention to themselves. However, make sure they offer a good grip because functionality is important, too.
Another option is the classic bar or C-pull, both of which are handles. Both can come in ornate styles, though, so look for the clean-lined version of these pulls. A close cousin of the above pulls are tab pulls, which are strips of metal across the top or bottom of the door. A narrow tab juts down from the strip, providing the method of gripping the pull.
3. Matching Finishes
When choosing a finish for your pulls, the best advice is to match the countertops. Stainless steel countertops come in several finish options, including brushed metal, antiqued, mirror polish, and satin. Your choice in finish option should be driven by both aesthetic preferences and utility. However, you should pick your pulls based on that original choice.
For example, say you've chosen a satin finish for the countertop, which features the gentle sheen of the fabric that lends its name. Your pulls should also feature that gentle sheen. In this way, you can experiment with different metal options, say brushed bronze with the satin-finished stainless steel. However, you can also never go wrong with choosing stainless steel pulls to match the countertops.
4. Tile Backsplash
A tiled backsplash affords you the opportunity to give your kitchen some character while still complementing your stainless countertops.
With the backsplash, you'll want to decide if you're going bold or subtle. This choice relates back to the choices you made in cabinet paint. If you've opted for white cabinets, you may want to maintain the monochromatic theme with white subway tiles. However, such neutral cabinetry lets you add color to your kitchen without going over the top.
If you're going for a bolder effect with your tiled backsplash, consider a black-and-white effect. You can achieve this effect with square tiles, finishing with a checkerboard. Conversely, consider hexagonal tiles. Using hexagons in an updated checkerboard fashion lends a sense of creativity.
5. Stainless Steel Backsplash
As with drawer pulls, sometimes the best way to match your stainless steel countertops is with the same material. The benefits of a stainless steel backsplash are the same as for the countertops - beauty, low maintenance needs, and durability.
Generally, you should stick with the same finish option as your countertops. However, you can get a little creative with stamped surfaces. For example, you could match brushed finishes but choose stamped steel that resembles bricks. In that way, you add visual interest with your backsplash.
Highlight the beauty of your stainless steel countertops with the other kitchen remodel choices you make. Contact Timmons Sheet Metal Inc. for all the help you need to set up your beautiful new kitchen.