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Benefits of Stainless Steel Countertops for a Large Family

Stainless Counter Tops
In a large family, someone always seems to be in the kitchen. Cooking meals, making coffee, and reading the morning news are just a few of the everyday activities that go on there. A large family means larger messes, so having a smooth flow in your kitchen is one way to keep everything clean.
One versatile upgrade to consider for your home kitchen is stainless steel countertops. Not only do the countertops look sleek and clean, but they have many practical uses in a kitchen serving a large family.
Learn about the benefits of choosing a stainless steel countertop. From there, you can improve the routines in the kitchen and everyone in your large family will be happy.

Stain Proof

The name may make the benefit seem obvious, but stainless steel countertops are actually stainless. When considering elements in the kitchen, the stainless factor is a huge benefit. During any given day, a large family may have fruit juices, berries, coffee, pasta sauces, and other food ingredients hitting the countertop.
The acidity and stain-forming foods are not a concern with stainless steel. The material is completely non-porous and anything that spills or gets left on the counter simply sits there. Once the debris or liquid gets wiped away, the counter looks fresh and new again.
The cleaning process for the counters is easy enough to assign a young child as a chore. Use wet wipes or a damp paper towel, and the whole counter will look brand new again in just a matter of moments. As the years go by, the counters will remain looking new and add a modern style to your home.

Cooking Large Meals

Large families often need large meals. On any given night, it is not unusual to see your counters filled with mixing bowls, pots, pans, and all types of food items. As you cook large meals, you may seek out as much counter space as possible.
One of the key benefits of a stainless steel counter is the ability to place heated elements on the surface. While you can still use some type of hot pad to support the pan, the bare surface of the stainless will not get burned, warped, or changed in any way from heated pots, pans, or baking dishes.
As you cook, you can easily spread out items over the counter without worrying about taking up too much space or playing musical chairs with dishes. Once the heated items are placed on the counter, the specific area may be warm, but the heat does not spread to other areas of the counter.

Cooking Together

Not only can you prepare large meals for your family, but stainless steel counters offer the chance for everyone to cook together. The expanded surface of the counters allows everyone to have plenty of space to cook and prepare various foods.
As children mix cookie batter, crack eggs, or pour juices, you do not need to worry about the counter becoming damaged or stained. Everyone has plenty of space to move around and work on different elements together. With the new counters, you have the option of creating fun family traditions together. These traditions may include making desserts, working on smoothies, or planning larger meals like a Thanksgiving dinner.

Younger children may even want to hop up on the counter to watch and help prepare meals. The strength of the steel counters makes this an option and no damage will occur as a child sits and watches as you cook.

For all your stainless counter top options, contact us at Timmons Sheet Metal Inc. We can custom-make options to serve all your needs and kitchen size.