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Remodeling Your Kitchen? 3 Reasons to Invest in Commercial Fume Hoods

Newly Remodelled Kitchen
The reputation of any restaurant hinges on providing excellent food and a comfortable environment. Unfortunately, even something as simple as cooking fumes can be enough to hamper a guest's experience, which is why you should consider investing in a commercial fume or exhaust hood.
This guide lists three reasons professional exhaust hoods are a must and why you won't regret the decision to upgrade.  
1. Keep Your Indoor Air Safe
While your chefs sauté those signature dishes, liquids evaporate into the air, taking fine particulates with them. In addition, aerosol cleaning products designed to keep surfaces safe can also pollute the air, filling the air your team breathes with organic solvents that can be dangerous to their health.
In fact, the EPA has stated that levels of more than a dozen common pollutants are two to five times higher indoors than outside - even in busy metropolitan areas. 
Unfortunately, these pollutants can have dire impacts on the human body. Over time, exposure to these pollutants can cause problems ranging from memory loss to a lowered immune response, putting your employees and customers at risk.
Fortunately, vented fume hoods can be installed over cooking areas. These hoods work tirelessly to remove these pollutants from your kitchen, keeping the indoor breathable air inside your restaurant safe and comfortable. In addition to making the air inside your restaurant smell better, employees and customers might also notice fewer problems with allergies. 
2. Protect Your Line Cooks and Your Bottom Line
Professional kitchens can be like heat machines, especially when multiple flat tops, grills, ovens, and broilers are being used simultaneously. In addition to raising the overall temperature of your building, this heat generation can also be dangerous for the employees responsible for food preparation.
Since temperatures in front of hot indoor grills can reach upwards of 110 degrees Fahrenheit, workers who operate these stations are exposed to additional risks - including heat exhaustion and heat stroke. However, fume hoods quickly vent this heated air, allowing carefully climate-controlled air to fill its place. In other words, fume hoods help keep workers safe. As fume hoods vent the air they'll also help lower your energy consumption.
To keep your kitchen safe and comfortable, experts recommend installing a hood that can move at least 100 cubic feet of air per minute in areas around electric broilers, and 75 cubic feet of air per minute around griddles and fryers.
3. Reduce Cleaning
When you have exhaust hoods, they'll remove pollutants and large amounts of heat, as well as grease droplets and fine particulates, which reduces the cleaning load on your kitchen staff. With an exhaust hood, surfaces have the chance to stay cleaner without difficult-to-remove grease buildup, and your employees won't have to spend as much time deep cleaning their stations.
Exhaust hoods are even designed to be easy to clean, with large, removable panels that can be run through industrial dishwashers.
In addition to lowering your overall labor costs, fume hoods also help restaurant owners to create a more enjoyable environment for their guests. Since employees won't have to spend their time scrubbing grease off of overheads, they can focus on the more intricate cleaning tasks, such as tidying up bathrooms or creating an excellent impression in the waiting area.
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