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Upgrading Your Counters? 5 Reasons to Consider Stainless Steel

Stainless Counter

When you think of countertops, a few materials may come to mind, for example, concrete, granite, stone, or marble. These common countertop materials are certainly beautiful, but all come with varying advantages and disadvantages.

As you prepare to upgrade your own countertops, consider a material that is more often attributed to commercial kitchens: stainless steel. This material is trending for residential kitchens and it has many benefits. Here are five reasons to consider stainless steel for your countertops instead of more popular materials.

1. Stainless Steel Is Low Maintenance

The largest issue you will find with stainless steel is that the material shows fingerprints easily. Of course, if you have stainless steel appliances, you already know this fact. Luckily, stainless steel is otherwise very low in maintenance.

Stainless steel is non-porous, which means it doesn't absorb liquids and stains. It's also waterresistant, won't rust, and is extremely durable. Stainless steel is even fireproof, making it a safe material for your busy kitchen. You can place a hot pan directly on a stainless steel surface without damaging it.

However, stainless steel will scratch, but the scratches won't inhibit its durability. The material can also dent if brute force is used on it, but with regular care, you should expect this type of countertop to stay in pristine condition for as often as you use it.

2. Stainless Steel Is Food-Safe

Since stainless steel isn't porous like other materials, it's a more food-safe material to use when you're preparing raw meats and vegetables. Messes will easily wipe away and you won't have to worry about bacteria and germs getting embedded in the surface of the counter. You can prepare foods directly on a stainless steel countertop (although, you should be mindful of scratches) or use a cutting board to prepare foods.

3. Stainless Steel Is Beautiful

Contemporary and streamlined in its appearance, stainless steel will make your kitchen a more modern cooking space. Reflective and lustrous in its design, stainless steel goes with almost any design style - meaning you can easily design around stainless steel with bold wall paint, a ceramic or mosaic backsplash behind your stove, or even marble flooring.

If you have a large kitchen to upgrade, stainless steel countertops can be even more impressive. Speak to your stainless steel expert about viewing a showroom with countertops made of the material so you can start to imagine how the countertop style will look in your home.

4. Stainless Steel Is Easy to Install

If you want to upgrade your countertops in a hurry, then stainless steel is a beneficial material to use. Once cut to the size and length of your countertop space, the installation process is quick and easy. A metal sheet is wrapped around a wooden frame to complete the work. This might sound easy enough to attempt on your own, but it's still best to have a professional do the work for the best results.

5. Stainless Steel Lasts

Stainless steel countertops can last for decades with proper care. The best way to ensure the longevity of your stainless steel countertops is to first have them professionally installed and to resist cutting foods directly on the counters to prevent scratching. However, you can use non-sharp utensils directly on the surface.

A stainless steel countertop has many benefits in a home kitchen, particularly one that is very busy and is used for cooking often. As you consider various countertop materials for your home, compare stainless steel to other materials, especially in regards to durability, care, and installation.

When you upgrade your kitchen's countertops, your whole kitchen will have a new look. For all your stainless steel countertop needs, rely on our experts at Timmons Sheet Metal Inc. Our goal is to help you transform your kitchen area into a more effective cooking space.